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Wednesday, 08 October 2014

(VIDEO) Šuica supports the ˝Croatian answer˝ in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The head of the Croatian delegation of the EPP Group Dubravka Šuica has sent a message of support to HDZ BiH and its head, Dragan Čović, in the wake of the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which were held on 12 October. She emphasized the fact that Croatians in BiH are the lasting concern of HDZ’s MEPs, who will continue to strive for a European way for Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to help BiH return to Europe, where it belongs.

“You can be sure that we will follow the same policy in the upcoming mandate, until Croatians are equal with the other two peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a TV channel in Croatian would be a very important step in attaining that objective”, said Šuica.

She emphasized the importance of proper representation in the BiH Presidency for Croatians and called for the voters to support the CROATIAN ANSWER and its leader Dragan Čović, who will protect the interests of the Croatian people in BiH in the best possible way.

To watch a video of the whole message of support to HDZ BiH, click below.


HRT: (VIDEO) Dubravka Šuica: Za nas je jedino odluka Sabora obvezujuća


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